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Bob Calhoun talks bloodthirsty newspaper men with Jackie Kashian on The Dork Forest

Updated: May 31, 2021

I'm back on The Dork Forest to talk about The Murders That Made Us and the trigger-happy newspaper publishers of early San Francisco. Watch it on YouTube and marvel at my way cool tiger shirt.

You can also click here to just listen to it like a regular podcast + it's available on Spotify, Apple and all the regular places you find podcasts. Subscribe and go deep into diffierent kinds of minutiae every week with Jackie and her wonderful guests.

In fact, a little more than a month before I sat down with Jackie, she had comedian Arthur Gaus on Dork Forest to geek out hard over the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco! It's how we got the Palace of Fine Arts and the faux Japanese tea house that was trucked down to Belmont and is or was The Van's restaurant, which sadly hasn't survived the COVID pandemic. Click here to look and listen to Arthur dishing on the expo and the city's plans to dynamite Van Ness to fight fires. Arthur has a new record called Nice Jokes for Smart People.

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