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Bob Calhoun launches new podcast, Old Movies for Young Stoners, to pair classic films with weed

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Murders That Made Us author Bob Calhoun just launched his latest venture, Old Movies for Young Stoners, the podcast that pairs classic films and cannabis strains. The podcast is available on Soundcloud, Apple, Spotify, and other podcast apps. Should you smoke a sativa heavy strain when you watch The Wizard of Oz? Or maybe vape a mellow indica to offset the tension of the original Manchurian Candidate? Are gummies the way to go for Forbidden Planet? Old Movies for Young Stoners is the podcast that answers these burning questions.

Joining Bob an this trip through cinema history are co-hosts Greg Franklin and Cory Sklar. Greg is co-founder and creative director of Six Point Harness Studios, and animation director of the Oscar-winning short Hair Love and Tig Notaro: Drawn, now streaming on HBOMax.

Old Movies for Young Stoners
Clockwise from top left: OMFYS hosts Greg Franklin, Bob Calhoun and Cory Sklar

Cory is the man behind The Hollywood Punk Rock Graveyard Tour, a socially distanced walking tour visiting the final resting places of some of punk and goth's biggest legends. Cory is also the show's cannabis sommelier, using his intimate knowledge of weed in all its available forms to pair it with the host's selection of offbeat movies. Greg definitely has strong opinions on green bud pairings based on years of experience while Bob is admittedly the "guy on the weed podcast who knows almost nothing about weed."

The podcast's theme song is generously supplied by Chaki the Funk Wizard, a cult legend throughout California who played packed clubs opening for Fishbone and El Vez recently. "Smoke a bong and watch King Kong," Chaki raps over a driving beat and a thumping bassline at the beginning of each episode.

Two episodes have gone live already with new episodes planned every other week. Episode one focused on mid-20th Century bummers with The Misfits (1961)--the tragic last film of Hollywood legends Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable--and The Intruder (1962), a jarring film from Roger Corman with a young William Shatner playing a white supremacist agitator in the South following desegregation. In episode two, Bob, Greg and Cory discuss Dragonwyck (1946) and The Tingler (1959). Both movies have horror icon Vincent Price doing heavy drugs. Future episodes will have the crew pairing green bud and edibles with two of the most psychedelic films ever made: Disney's The Three Caballeros (1944) and Powell and Pressberger's The Red Shoes (1948).

For media inquiries and sponsorship info, please contact Bob at You can also follow OMFYS on Twitter at @OM4YStoners and please subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

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